04 September, 2014

Parish Notices; Help Nigel Hetherington of Past Preservers do the EH Wall Hike

On  19 of September Nigel Hetherington of Past Preservers, will be returning to his ancestral homelands and taking part in the English Heritage's Hadrian's Wall Hike to raise funds for much needed conservation along the famous route. Please Donate today to support Nigel and English Heritage, and share with your friends and colleagues. All of your donations and efforts are greatly appreciated, please Tweet your support to @Pastpreservers and @EnglishHeritage using the #HadriansHike hashtag and please spread the word! 
Things are not easy for wor UNESCO World Heritage Site [1], and recently,  some significant wheels have fallen off.  
You can sign up today to join Nigel (and provide moral support!) and walk 30 miles of the 'best of the wall’ from Lanercost Priory to Chester’s Roman Fort. The hike, sponsored by Craghoppers, will give participants special access to the expert English Heritage team.
.....And I have offered my own time for free as a guide or talker for the amusement of walkers as they pass by my ancestral homeland near the end of their Journey.
 Hadrian’s Wall looking South showing the Wall and Ditch; the space between is the Berm where the 3 lines of postholes marking the earlier Timber Wall are found.  [NB. The berm is not for structural stability [doh!], or for Cippi, which were branches and logs with branches attached buried in a ditch].[2] 

Hadrian's Wall very important to our region, and Past preservers contribution to public understanding through the media is a significant to all in the heritage industry - so Join or support Nigel- Please Donate today.

More about this and Nigel's excellent Past Preservers team here and Here 

The Vallum passing Down Hill, not a defensive feature or a boundary ditch, but quite clearly a 20’ wide construction trench, with the spoil placed in parallel revetted heaps about 30’ to either side, which was intended to be a road; it was left unfinished following the disruption of Wall construction by warfare.

Notes and Further Reading;
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[2] Caius Julius Caesar "De Bello Gallico" and Other Commentaries English translation by W. A. MacDevitt, introduction by Thomas De Quincey (1915)  [LXXIII]