26 March, 2021

A Momentary Digression & New Blog

 Found Down The Back of a Digital Sofa.            Just to avoid confusion and to let off steam under the pressure of lock down I have created a new blog as repository for Non Archaeological satire, art, cartoons and photography.

It is called: Found down the back of a Digital Sofa, and represents a few persistent stains on the fabric of time that have proved difficult to remove.   The sort of thing found in my twitter feed. 

When you work is not good enough for sector of Higher Education increasing reliant on Science denial and academics purporting the views and perception of our ancient  dead - you are driven to a satirical view of the world.   

The current post concerns a traditional North East Digital Arts Festival of Vegetable Baiting, thus, given the obscurity and specialist nature of my subject matter, the constant need to contextualise and explain the jokes or humour rather precludes its designation as the latter; similarly, some passing familiarity with the subject matter might be considered a not unreasonable prerequisite for satire; you have been warned.

This is all undoubtedly of no interest and represents the dark side of a warren of rabbit holes so obscure that no reasonable man could be expected to believe that any of it was real.


Kabir Khan said...

This is beautiful blog.