13 July, 2015

Parish Notices: An exciting new blog, a Blogging Survey with a * Prize * + the future in the Stars

An exciting new blog to visit
For some time I have been discussing some interesting research with Michael Carter of Ryerson University; He has been working on a project to utilise modern graphics engines to build virtual Native longhouses. This site gives a run-down on development of the research;
In particular the current state of the project:
This research touches on a many issues central to the use of modern computer graphics in the realisation of the past.  For my part, I am obliged by the limitation of deductive processes and reverse engineering to sidestep the issue; the intent of my practice is to understand the engineering principles behind a structure, with the classes of evidence available I cannot realistically understand its skin.  This is disappointing, because that is the vision that people think they want.   However, once you start imagining the past, there is a danger that pictures become more important than the evidence, because now they can be a lot more “real” than the archaeology.  For me the expression, recognition and understanding of doubt are significant issues.

Survey with a prize for the lucky winner
I would be grateful if my readers and fellow bloggers would contribute to a survey about archaeology blogs and social media.  It is for Fleur Schinning’s master’s thesis at Leiden University in the Netherlands.  She is hoping that this research will help identify the digital methods that best make archaeology more accessible for a wider public.
She has have set up a questionnaire to ask the visitors a few questions regarding their motives for visiting the blog and so on.
The questionnaire can be completed here:
** All participants also have a chance to win a small prize; 6 issues of Archaeology Magazine! **

Thanks for your help.


 Coming Soon; The answers to these in-jokes and more... 
...Jokes about Post-processual projection.
Should Archaeology be based on deduction like Astronomy or projection like Astrology - measurement or imagination - which is best?
We ask a representative from the Russell Grant group of Universities.
Were posts engineering, or did they join the earth to the sky and into the magic circle so the living could ritually feast with the dead in the land of the ancestors?
We ask a Wizzard. 
Is The Stonehenge House Bona?
Here is a culture specific trope subversion cartoon with its own period specific sub-cultural references, especially for those who remember the dawning of the age of Aquarius; I know my target.
For everybody else:


Hello to Jason Isaacs. 


dustbubble said...

"Were posts engineering, or did they join the earth to the sky and into the magic circle"
Obviously to stop the sky falling on their heads. As reported to Alexander.

Geoff Carter said...

Hi, I am reminded of the technical objections to Stonehenge roof model along the lines of - ".. you can't put a roof on the sky..."
Just warning up for the "Stonehenge House".

PS. Bet you The Antonine Wall was not made of turf.

PPS. On the subject of turf - have you seen the Prehistoric Earthhouse they built - 10 % archaeology & 90% Hobbit.