01 November, 2011


Starting the book today - but just time for some seasonally unpleasant Humour: 

There is nothing more horrific than realising you are the only sane one left; here are some special offers from my imaginary friends over at UTPress.

Seasonal Monster Book Sale - Prizes Slashed and Burned

University of Tyneside Press
Ancient Insights Series

Selected Remaindered Titles by staff from

The School of Historical And Religious Studies

University of Tyneside Press reserve the rite to change, suspend, or amend offers at any time, and may choose to pulp authors performing inefficiently

Previous Archaeological Humour;  Here and Here .


Timothy Reid said...

So that's why King Charles always looked so lifelike? Yet another thing my teachers left out of my education?

Geoff Carter said...

Hi Tim, thanks for your observation; I have to agree, it is quite shocking how little conspiracy theory is taught in School - Dan Brown is not even a set book in many history courses.
Luckily we have institutions like the University of Tyneside who vigorously pursue the truth.

ned pegler said...

These are very fine. For some reason I particularly liked Humour in the Iron Age. Sorry I haven't been looking for a while. I've been a little mad and busy.

best wishes Ned

Geoff Carter said...

Thanks Ned - you really shouldn't encourage me . . .