27 June, 2009

When on Google Earth 59

As the winner of Jaime's awesome WOGE58 , Theroretical Structural Archaeology is proud to present WOGE59.But, I may have give up WOGE for a while, (again); I have been distracted from my task of fighting for the right of the thousands of young oak trees, that gave their lives prematurely, to be recognised as architecture, and not simply mythologized as 'ritual', so that proper respect to be paid to the thousands of postholes that mark their graves.

However, while I am away doing that, you can identifie this, something round that nobody has yet connected to roundhouses or Stonehenge.
Good luck.

WOGE59 -Firouzabad or Firuzabad, an amazing sight, spotted by Nathan
The Rules of When on Google Earth are as follows:
Q: What is When on Google Earth?
A: It’s a game for archaeologists, or anybody else willing to have a go!
Q: How do you play it?
A: Simple, you try to identify the site in the picture.
Q: Who wins?
A: The first person to correctly identify the site, including its major period of occupation, wins the game.
Q: What does the winner get?
A: The winner gets bragging rights and the chance to host the next When on Google Earth on his/her own blog!
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Previous Winners
1Shawn GrahamChuck JonesTakht-i Jamshid / Persepolis terrace, IranAchaemenid period
2Chuck JonesPDDChurch of Saint Simeon at Qalat Siman, Syria5th-6th c. CE
2.1Chuck JonesPaul ZimmermanQal’at al-Bahrain16th c. CE
3Paul ZimmermanHeather BakerBaraqish (Yathill), YemenMinaean
4Heather BakerJason UrMohenjo Daro, Pakistanca. 2600-1900 BCE
5Jason UrDan DiffendaleMonte Albán, Oaxaca, Mexico1st-5th centuries CE
6Dan DiffendaleClaire of Geevor MineSegontium, Caernarfon, Wales77ish to about 390 CE
7Claire of Geevor MineIvan CangemiCarn Euny, UKca. 500 BCE-100 CE
8Ivan CangemiSouthie ShamMonks Mound (Cahokia), IL, USAfl. 1050-1200
9Southie ShamDan DiffendaleGergovia, Francefl. 1st c. BCE
10Dan DiffendaleDorothy KingKastro Larissa/Argos, Greececa. 1100 CE
11Dorothy KingDaniel PettUtica, TunisiaC8th BCE– C2nd CE
12Daniel PettNeil SilbermanCaesarea Maritima, Israel1st century CE–Present
13Neil SilbermanChuck JonesGraceland, Memphis, TN, USA1939 CE–Present
14Chuck JonesAphaiaBam Citadel, Iranpre-C 6th BC–C19thCE
15AphaiaDaniel PettMyrina, Lemnos, GreeceClassical Greek–present
16Daniel PettPaul BarfordDambulla Cave Temple, Sri Lanka1st century BCE
17Paul BarfordScott McDonoughRosetta (Rashid), EgyptPtolemaic, Mamluk
18Scott McDonoughLindsay AllenAni, TurkeyMedieval, C10th-14th CE
19Lindsay AllenHeather in ViennaSouth Shields, England, UKRoman Imperial
20Heather Scott McDonoughSuomenlinna/Sveaborg fortress, Finland1748-present
21Scott McDonoughChuck JonesDerbent, Republic of DagestanSasanian-present
22Chuck JonesPaul BarfordAmphitheatre of Aquincum, HungaryRoman
23Paul BarfordGeoff CarterThe Cursus, (Stonehenge) WiltshireNeolithic
24Geoff CarterFerhan SakalThe Heuneburg, South GermanyIron Age
25Ferhan SakalLindsay AllenSura, SyriaRoman
26Lindsay AllenAndrea KayBannerman Castle, Hudson River, USC20th
27Andrea KayDavid PowellTaposiris Magna, Alexandria, EgyptC1st bce
28David PowellBillyRoss Abbey, Galway, IrelandMedieval
29BillyGeoff CarterGreat Zimbabwe, AfricaC11th – 14th ce
30Geoff CarterHeatherElsdon Castle, EnglandC11th – 12th ce
31HeatherGeoff CarterVolubilis, MoroccoRoman
32Geoff CarterPaul BarfordSu Nuraxi, Barumini, SardiniaC15th – 6th bce
33Paul BarfordFerhan SakalArkona, GermanyMedieval
34Ferhan SakalHeatherArslantepe, TurkeyChalcolithic – Byzantine
35HeatherFerhan SakalMahabodhi Temple Complex, India3rd century B.C. – 6th CE
36Ferhan SakalBillyBorobudur, Buddhist shrine, Indonesia9th century B.C. – 6th CE
37BillyFerhan SakalBrowns Island, New Zealandc. 13th century – 1820
38Ferhan SakalAndrea KayBat, Al-Khutm and Al-Ayn, Oman3rd millennium B.C.
39Andrea KayMatt B.Serabit el-Khadim, Egypt2nd millennium B.C.
40Matt B.Andrea KayValsgärde grave field, SwedenSwedish Vendel /Iron Age
41Andrea KayLindsay AllenSiwa oasis, Egyptfourth century B.C. -Roman
42Lindsay AllenDavid GillCastle of Pont Steffan, Wales, UKMedieval
43David GillNigelHay Castle, Wales, UK12th century
44NigelHeatherOlympos, TurkeyHellenistic – Roman
45HeatherFerhan SakalCarnuntum, AustriaRoman
46Ferhan SakalTroels MyrupKnossos, GreeceBronze Age
47Troels MyrupAlun SaltAggersborgViking
48Alun SaltGeoff CarterMarsala, Sicillia.Punic/Roman
49Geoff CarterMatt BSpringfield Lyons, UKLBA (/Saxon)
50MattBGeoff CarterKalkriese in Osnabrück, GermanyRoman
Ferhan Sakal
Grimes Graves, Norfolk, UK
Late neolithic
52Ferhan SakalOliver MackHeraqla, ar-rashid,syriaLate C8 ce
53Oliver MackMatt BWelzheim, GermanyRoman
54Matt BGeoff CarterBirka, SwedenViking
55Geoff CarterHeatherNemrut Dagi, TurkeyC1 bce
56HeatherGeoff CarterChoirokoitia, Cyprus. Neolithic
57Geoff CarterJaimeWoodhenge, UKLate Neolithic
58Jaime Geoff CarterGorgora Nova, Ethiopia,C17th (ce).
59Geoff CarterNathan T.ElkinsFirouabad, IranC3rd ce


Nathan Elkins said...

Hello Geoff,

This is Firuzabad, Iran. The original city here was destroyed by Alexander and another city was established by Ardashir I of the Sassanid dynasty (c. 226-241), which was destroyed during an Arab invasion in the 600s.


Geoff Carter said...

Well spotted, congratulations, it is indead Firuzabad, Iran, I thought I might have to put up a wider pic, its an amazing site.
So it's over to you Nathan . . . .

Nathan Elkins said...

WOGE 60 is now