17 March, 2009

And now for the news, . . in Turkish

As a respite from postholes and the recession, I bring you some light relief from a Turkish Website with auto generated content. The site was in meltdown last time I visited, so in the interests of promoting the web a source of reliable information and scholarship, and in a spirit of international understanding- I give you verbatim this version of my last article as it appeared on a Turkish website:


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As an archaeologist in a apocalyptic state, we have motionless to post an comment of a brand new contention in a House of Lords about a apocalyptic state of British archaeology, general readers unknown with a investiture competence find it engaging to see who contributes to such a discuss . . . .

On Monday afternoon a goods of a retrogression in a office office office building courtesy upon archaeology was lifted in a House of Lords by a Liberal Democrat counterpart a Earl of Glasgow, eliciting a rather confused reply from a supervision orator Lord Davies. In a House of Lords theme he asked a government;

What stairs they have been receiving to secure a destiny ofprofessional archaeology in a United Kingdom, as good as in sold to lessen a outcome upon archaeologists of a brand new contraction in a office office office building industry.

In reply a Government spokesman, Labour Peer Lord Davies, remarkable which a Institute of Archaeology retrogression convention upon Feb sixteen had been attended by part of of English Heritage as good as Department of Media Culture as good as Sport, as good as which a supervision was ancillary a brand new inhabitant vocational gift by English Heritage as good as a Heritage Lottery Fund, which would assistance rise skills as good as genius in a long-term.

Patrick Boyle, a Earl of Glasgow, a pretension hold by his family since 1703, afterwards referred to which one fifth of a country’s 6500 archaeologists have already mislaid their jobs, as good as which a little archaeological firms competence have to stop trading. He asked either a supervision was wakeful of a stroke this competence have upon a nation’s heritage, as good as a prolonged tenure goods of loosing “highly educated, though underpaid individuals” to alternative industries. He suggesting assistance should be offering to councils to await archaeology in formulation departments, in all since such tiny sums of income would be involved.

Lord Davies, before Labour MP Bryan Davies, replied which a supervision was concerned, as good as conceded it contingency fool around a partial in a refuge of a ability base, together with architects, as good as alternative groups effected by a downturn in a office office office building industry. But additionally reminded a residence of a pressures upon internal management spending, as good as state of a wider economy.

Former work MP Alan Howarth, right away Lord Howarth of Newport, afterwards asked if, in further to you do all they can to await archaeology, a residence could be positive which a stirring formulation routine matter upon birthright as good as archaeology will not lessen existent protections for archaeology, as good as a purpose of archaeologists in a formulation routine .

Lord Davies stressed a supervision joining to heritage, as good as in sold buildings, as good as a significance of open appropriation in this area, as good as a altogether joining to preserving skills such as architecture.

Archaeology!” chorused a eminent lords in response.

The Conservative Baroness Hooper afterwards lifted an engaging indicate about a precision of sea archaeologists, as good as hoped their needs would be deliberate in any appropriation of workplace precision as good as in a arriving discuss upon a sea Bill. Lord Davies reassured a Baroness which all a issues in a sea check will be discussed.

afterwards apologised to his associate eminent Lords for his slight trip in observant “architecture”, observant a brand new assembly with a student, endangered about study which subject, had left him with design as good as archaeology in my mind.

The Lord Bishop of Rochester asked either a supervision a single after another to foster a work of British archaeologists abroad, in all in a Holy Land, as good as a Middle East generally. In reply Lord Davies reminded a Lords of a hazard to birthright acted by polite dispute in a region, which emphasised a significance of a own ability base.

Lord Walpole, Crossbench Peer, (independent), a successor of a initial ‘Prime Minister’ Sir Robert Walpole, referred to which a miss of rescue archaeology was an glorious event route resources in to a little good a little educational archaeology. Lord Davies, whilst acknowledging a event existed, drew a courtesy of Lord Walpole to wider problems of University sector.

The former Liberal Democrat Spokesperson for Environment, Food as good as Rural Affairs, Lord Redesdale, has a grade in archaeology from Newcastle University, as good as is a house part of of a York Archaeological trust, as good as he forked out which a good understanding of archaeological believe right away resides in a in isolation sector. He suggesting which which in a areas such as Roman Samian ware, for example, there was usually a single consultant left. He hoped a supervision would take which in to comment in all when meditative about a investiture of ancestral jot down centres.

Lord Davies pronounced a supervision would take his illustration seriously, in all since Lord Redesdale’s substantial believe of this area.

The discuss finished there. . . .

Now, the big question is - what will happen to this feed when it is piped around the interweb and converted into another language ?
At what point does language become so degraded it is no longer a form of communication ?
Is this some form of Robotic Art, reflecting the chaos inherent in the universe, and the natural application of thermodynamics to communication and language?

Their Source: (Me)

Read the Original debate in full at: http://kenny.aitchison.typepad.com/kenny_aitchison/2009/03/parliamentary-question-in-the-house-of-lords.html


Anonymous said...

This is utterly fantastic. Far more fun than the original Hansard transcript, which was funny enough in its own, sad, deluded mannet. A pretension held by his family!

Geoff Carter said...

Yeah Kenny - better than doing a real post.
Not even the great Ronnie Barker could make this stuff up!

I quite like machine driven hyperbole of ”As an archaeologist in a apocalyptic state”

Or the surreal
“What stairs they have been receiving to secure a destiny of professional archaeology in a United Kingdom, as good as in sold to lessen a outcome upon archaeologists of a brand new contraction in a office office office building industry.”

Timothy Reid said...


Anonymous said...

I'm eagerly awaiting the outcome of the auto-translation of this fabulous piece into Russian cyrillic and its subsequent migration into Korean. Who needs drugs!

nahnu said...

Hi, firstly I would like you to accept my apologies.

in that blog post you mention, i was try to testing some autoblog tools for wordpress.

principle of one of that tools that it selects an article randomly from google search (for predefined keywords), after that puts it to google translate, and it translate 5-6 times a language to another, at last it translate it to english. and it publishes whole article automatically. like as an auto-author-bot :)


Geoff Carter said...

Hey nahnu

It is truly great to hear from you, and thanks for explaining the origin of this extraordinary post; I suspected it was something like that.

I hope the bogging is going well.

The unintended humour arising from translation software, is a lesson to us all. I often look at translated pages from my site in Google, and wonder . . .